Too good to be true.

I feel like I’m living a dream, one which I never want to get up from. The difference is dreams stays a dream and doesn’t mix with reality. But what if my current life is so much dreamlike that, for the first time ever in my life, I don’t know what else to do except to go on with it? It’s like half of me is sitting behind my conscious mind, watching stuff happening outside in awe, wondering if I’m still awake or is actually staying in bed. Thinking again and again what logic can’t reach - Why me? Why now? 

I know I should be savoring the moment, and damn, I’d be really stupid if I don’t took any chance, this gift from heaven. Honest, this kind of love life is perfect. By perfect, I mean it’s exactly like what I’ve been imagining for so long. I found myself bit by bit drowning in cliche sweetness I thought was supposed to stay cliche. This is one of the rare moments where my logic and feelings melt in one harmony.

God, I’m very thankful for this. I don’t think a simple “thanks” can cut it, though.

Now you can see why I have still that tiniest bit of hesitation - because this is, simply, too good to be true.

…But if this is true, then God, please let this last forever. Aamiin.